Mastering Your Essential Energy Program


Mastering Your Essential Energy Program

What is it that makes the difference between happiness and discontent, between fulfillment and mere existence, between desperation and inspiration? Are some people just naturally better than others? Absolutely not!

If you desire ABSOLUTE CLARITY in your mind and heart as to the ‘Essential Energy’ that you are here to BE in this lifetime and you are ready to live it, then ‘Mastering Your Essential Energy’ is for you.

If, when you find yourself off track, you want to get back on track faster than ever before because you finally KNOW that you are an individualized expression of GOD/SOURCE ENERGY and that you are a significant part of that powerful energy, then ‘Mastering Your Essential Energy’ is for you.

If you yearn for the feeling of belonging that you may have heard about and yet not experienced to the degree you desire, and you truly are ready to allow yourself to CONNECT with SOURCE ENERGY/GOD, then ‘Mastering Your Essential Energy’ is for you.

Participate in ‘Mastering Your Essential Energy’ and feel what it is like to KNOW, REALLY KNOW, how powerful your every word, your every thought and your every feeling is in the co-creation of a life that is worthy of you.

Mastering Your Essential Energy ’offers you an amazing opportunity to launch the creation of what is truly most important to you in your life! AND

To begin living a life that is worthy of you!

Your Life Is a gift!

”Many people have come to the realization that their life is a GIFT; fewer choose to unwrap the layers of IMAGE and EGO that cover up their true identity in order to fully experience the GIFT.”

~ Arlene

Mastering Your Essential Energy is about becoming conscious of your unique vibration, which is your identity on this planet. It is also about awakening to – and connecting with – Source Energy or God. Conscious connection brings with it a feeling of inspiration or enthusiasm about life. What is ours to experience in this lifetime can find us.

By consciously living in our Essential Energy we open a direct channel to Source Energy and live from that connected place rather than living only under the umbrella of mass consciousness, which is what the majority of people are doing. You gain the understanding of how this magnificent energy can work through you and how to use it effectively and constructively.

This course is offered on a request basis. I require a group of 6 minimum and 12 maximum to offer the program.

Please reach out to me through my contact page and we can set a time to discuss the possibilities. 

This is a very powerful and very beautiful program.