Arlene Rannelli has been a pivotal figure in my personal developent and growth, both as a seminar leader at the Pursuit of Excellence and The Wall and and as a personal coach. The power of the Law of Attraction is another powerful concept that has come to me through her and has changed my life in many ways for which I am truly grateful!

Arlene has an uncanny ability to get right to the heart of the matter, bringing with her a wonderful sense of humour, and direct ‘Now is Good’ approach that has supported me to get to where I want in my life

Evelyn Schmidt, Vancouver Island 

My experience of Arlene Rannelli is of incredible commitment to serving those she trains. She is tough but supportive. She is experienced and knowledgeable but still willing to go out on a limb and trust her instincts…because of this inner strength I have great faith in her ability to tap into deep wells of unexplored pain and help clients with deep compassion to embrace their hidden agendas and bring the light of awareness to it to start a new day. Because of my work with Arlene I feel today I have a more aware, a more focused commitment to doing what it takes to capture for me what makes me feel more vital and alive. Arlene is committed to living joyfully and I endorse her as a human being whose heart, mind and hands are blessed to help others in the process of doing likewise.

Dorothy Morley Alchemical therapist - My clientele are world teachers and trainers whose work affects thousands upon thousands of lives. Arlene brings this same gusto to working on herself as she does to helping us embrace a greater part of ourselves.

Dear Arlene, I am so grateful that you have chosen to share your gifts of the spirit with the world, and in particular, me. Your insight, gentle guidance and astounding intuition are incredible. As a result, I feel like I am adding light to the world and helping to repair ‘The Hole’. Life is wonderful. Thank you.

Barbara Davidson, Vancouver Island


Coaching testimonials continued

Arlene is by far one of the most loving and supportive people I have ever met. Her ability to quickly uncover underlying issues and find resolution is truly one of her gifts. Her techniques are both easy to follow and very effective. Getting to the heart of matters is done with ease and grace; no messing around! One of the areas Arlene has been able to support me in is a deep sadness that I have felt within. After just a few short minutes of talking with her and using her techniques I found myself literally laughing out loud. Arlene has taught me that the limiting beliefs that exist in our subconscious minds can be wiped out. Do youself a favour and take the time to connect with Arlene. She is tuly a special gift from God/Source/the Universe!!

Shari Green, Fort McMurray, B.C.

My name is Rodney Warren. The very first time I went to Arlene for some clarity in my business and personal path, I was delighted.Within 3 minutes or so Arlene had intuitively honed in and was able to clear my path for success. Through listening to my story and then picking up on my energy to decipher the proper path for me to go, she helped draw answers from within myself. Arlene allowed me to realize the route I already knew that I needed to take,and also added some sage wisdom from her wide experience thereby saving a lot of time, money and yet more frustration. Thank you so much and I recommend Arlene and her heartfelt coaching, to help guide you through life and business.  Love & Light, Rodney Warren. Westbank, B.C.

Arlene has a wonderful approach with taking a difficult situation and finding a gentle way to provide clarity, ease and peaceful resolution to life's challenges. Her caring insights and powerful understanding of helpful tools and strategies makes her an amazing coach! Thank you, Arlene, for sharing your loving wisdom with the world.

Lori Legeas, Kelowna, B.C.