Program Testimonials


Arlene's greatest gift to the planet to date.

Arlene Rannelli is a person of more integrity, openness and unconditional love than any person I have met on this planet.  In fact, she is the only person who could *ever* have gotten through to my scientific mind and convinced me to investigate the law of attraction--and did she ever.

And having done that, Arlene's example has not only inspired me to know faith, forgiveness--and myself--as I never thought possible, it has inspired this one-time abject cripple to heal himself using the Law of Attraction, taking me from the depths of cripple-hood, to the breathtaking heights of athlete hood.  And I have a chiropractic doctor's testimonial to prove it. It has been a shocking and exhilarating ride.

Arlene is a cut above every program leader I have ever worked with--no, actually, she is several cuts above.  She has an intuition and uncanny ability to cut through any issue with a directness, gentleness and compassion that will take your breath away.  Everyone deserves to have such an amazing mentor as Arlene, or at least to have had her energy liberally splashed upon them once in their life!!

This can't wait!  If you feel inspired to take this course, think in terms of possibilities, and be open.  The universe will open a way for you to take this course, as it did for me.”

Orion Carrier, Victoria. B.C.

“More and more, the pieces of who I have led myself to think were me, that are not of service to me, are falling away. Thank you, thank you for giving me the tools and encouragement to work more deeply with myself and produce results I am truly proud of.”

Ian Burnett, Manager, Island Hearing Services

“Arlene creates a wonderfully safe and inviting learning environment. I love how she interacts with people…she is genuine, honest and sincere!! What she has taught me literally changed my life!!"

Michelle Ross, Reiki Master

 “A powerful, gentle, fun workshop for the religion-phobic that offers a direct route to experiencing what many people call god.”

Rachel Franklin, Victoria, B.C.

“I love reconnecting to the love I feel as a performer and artist. Through this course I experienced calmness, peace, joy and the thrill of knowing I am recommitting to my purpose for being on the planet. I am here to create peace. I know now for sure that my path to achieving more light and healing for the planet is through singing, performing and showing up “fully” in my Essential Energy, which is the energy I agreed to express before I was born."

Alice Van Blokland, Victoria, B.C.

 ”Thank you for your presence in my life...  I am truly grateful that you have touched my life and I am now celebrating the Woman I am and the one I am BEcoming. Life is Beautiful.” 

Darla Dicus, Nanaimo, B.C.

“I’ve been an actor for 26 years in theatre and film and had lost the passion, connection and drive. I thank Arlene for helping me re-launch my career and take it to the next level. Thank you Arlene! Arlene guided me back to my passion and the love for my work. This course is truly inspirational on every level and I would not hesitate to recommend the workshop to anyone who’s ready to realize their dreams!!! I give this course and Arlene a 10! Thanks again, Arlene."

Cory Dagg, Kelowna, B.C.

“I’m now able to connect with my soul in a way I’ve never done before – opening myself to the love and energy available to me – but had not been open to. Applying the Law of Attraction is the most powerful and useful information I’ve ever learned.”

Judy Radwanski, BID Registered Interior Designer

 “Arlene is a gifted teacher. She is more than knowledgeable. She is absolutely passionate about her mission. Arlene’s intuition helps participants get clarity on what their feelings mean and where they come from so that they experience relief and understanding and compassion for themselves and can release the past to create the life they long for! Arlene makes learning fun. Her course is stimulating, informative, captivating and intelligent. Her respect for people and elegant manner creates a sage and comfortable environment. This program encompasses all the other self-development programs I’ve done culminating the information and healing. It is the heart of healing making sense of what I’m here in this life to be and do. Thank you, Arlene.

Anne Sands, Courtenay, B.C.

“This course is phenomenal!!! They say goals should be in alignment with your purpose and vision; this course takes it deeper than that! You connect with who you are at a core level – then set goals based on that. I have 3 words to help me remember who I am – what my essential energy is - and, talk about launching a goal – whoa! Mine is already done! Thank you Arlene – you are indeed a Divine Messenger! Your heart and incredible insights took each of us to a deeper place easily and effortlessly. Your knowledge of the subject matter made our learnings more valuable and the tools easy for us to implement.

Norma Reid, Qualium, B.C.

Testimonials for Pathways to Effective Communication..

“I am always impressed with Arlene. This is the third workshop that I have completed with Arlene over the course of four years. I always have ‘ah-ha’ moments with her. She has the rare knack of intuitively saying or doing the right thing to create many learning moments.”

“For anyone learning how to improve their inter-personal skills, she is the crème do la crème.”

Evelyn von Almassy, Director, Islands Women Society and President, Queen Charlotte Islands District Teachers Association. B.C.

“What I learned and experienced in your communication workshop will help me be a more effective village councillor and an all round better person. Thank you Arlene.”

Leslie Johnson, Queen Charlotte City, B.C.

“One thing that I really appreciated from this session was the acknowledgement that success is defined by the individual and not determined by society’s parameters. It is achieved by the level of satisfaction and integration with the energetic ‘source’, the individual achieves. I do appreciate that and it helped me to re-define in ‘heart’ terms, what is important to me.

Lynda Dixon, Queen Charlottes, B.C


Testimonials for Pathways to Emotional Freedom  

“This method really helped me to make enormous progress and resolve issues that have been fundamentally affecting multiple generations of my family."

Natalie Fournier, Haida Gwaii, B.C.

“The Emotional Freedom weekend allowed me to become present and experience the inner peace & joy that was lying dormant. One of the best parts of the weekend was the sense of community I felt.”

Grace Scott, Queen Charlotte City, B.C. 

“200 years of sadness & shame released in 24 hours! Yeah!”

Barbara J. Wilson, Haida Gwaii, B.C.

“The two days I committed to ‘Pathways to Emotional Freedom’ had a profound effect on my understanding of my human process of feelings and emotions, not only a profound effect on my understanding but life altering results. During Arlene’s teaching, we were shown the Emotional Freedom Technique. I was at first skeptical of this process but decided to believe, that decision allowed my mind to explore the possibilities. The EFT Tapping Point Technique has created results beyond my wildest imaginations; very often I want the process to be difficult. This process, once understood is very simple and very effective.

I have been taught by Arlene that I can, if I choose, take my childhood programming and change it to a program that works for the adult I am today. Not only to change my program, but to be in a process where I can choose how I want to record my new ways. What is it that I want from here on in? Today, I have possibility and excitement back in my life.

Colin Richardson (an Excited Human) Haida Gwaii, B.C.

“Arlene is a gifted ‘life coach’. She is truly gifted. Her goal with everyone she meets is to help them live the best life they can!” 

E. Shane, Haida Gwaii, B.C.

“The course was extremely timely for me because I was experiencing an increasing level of anxiety related to work and family commitments. I managed to identify the negative and destructive feelings and totally clear them up. I feel so incredibly un-stressed and ‘lighter’ now.” 

Lynda Dixon, Queen Charlottes, B.C. 

“I found Arlene Rannelli’s Emotionl Freedom workshop most effective, seeing results within myself almost immediately. Ms. Rannelli’s energy is very positive, catching and captivating making it so much easier to learn.  Ms. Rannelli’s presentation manner is clear, organized and easily accessible. I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in improving his/her quality of life.”

Ramana Waldhaus, Haida Gwaii, B.C.

“I believe the level of consciousness in the universe was raised with all the openness, releasing negative feelings and healing of issues that I observed and felt during this workshop.”

Kay Watson, Haida Gwaii, B.