About Arlene


My Background

In my late thirties, after participating in several highly effective personal growth seminars, I felt compelled to change my career path from working as a stock broker, to becoming involved as a marketing representative, and later as a facilitator of these programs.  I have worked in the field of personal growth and spiritual awakening for over 25 years and have created and led hundreds of programs and workshops. I was ordained as a Metaphysical Minister in 2012.  


Who I Am

I AM a Metaphysical Minister with the Canadian International Metaphysical Ministry and a founding member of the Centre for Spiritual Living in Kelowna. I AM highly intuitive and a gifted listener. I AM a Passionate Entrusted Messenger of Love and Light assisting you in getting to the heart of your issue,  regardless of what it is; and, offering you insight, clarity and relief from emotional pain, physical trauma and spiritual crisis.  


My Contribution and Intention

My intention is to support you in becoming consciously aware of WHO and WHAT you truly are and how to use your innate power in the creation of a life that is worthy of you.

Mind, Body and Spirit are all connected so it is of great importance to maintain your physical wellbeing. If your body is not working well, there is much you can do to assist it in the self-healing process.